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New long-distance railway lines

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avatar From: OP
Tue, 15 Jan 2019 15:12:01 -0000


After the fairly negative response to my proposal on the forum, I've

received some questions. I've updated my proposal:


1. Och_Noe requested to continue operation of the Personhood line. I

suggest that we should extend it up to main station.

2. That way, E1 would only service up to Euler Street

3. Omitted S12, it would probably cause too many conflicts with existing

operated lines

4. added the line to Oasis correctly

avatar From: OP
Mon, 04 Feb 2019 12:57:01 -0000

Since Och_Noe has decided to abandon operation of the line Lusin Street<>Personhood, I propose to dig out my old proposal, as written on the forum, with minor changes:

E1 - Personhood <> Melinka Town via Spawn, Mom Junction

PH<>Spawn every 5 minutes, then every second train proceeds to Melinka Town while the other terminates at Euler Street (which results in a train towards Melinka Town every 10 minutes)

E2 - Origin <> Stallmangrad via Spawn, South Forest

Timetable aligned to E1 so that departure times of E1 and E2 at Spawn Main Station differ by 2:30, to allow transfer between both lines

S1 to S4 - slow regional trains, stopping everywhere, every 10 minutes

S7/S8 Euler Street<>Eden/Shanielle - Connecting to E1 that ends in Euler Street, alternating between S7 and S8 (results in targets Eden and Shanielle Park being reached every 20 minutes)

[Extended to Euler street and changed connection]

S12 - Lusin Street <> Stallmangrad

The E1 and E2 lines don't stop at most of the intermediate stops on the respective routes. This train stops everywhere. Departs every 10 minutes

Timetable is aligned as follows:

At Spawn Main Station, arrives slightly earlier than E1, E1 overtakes and S12 departs behind E1

At South Forest, arrives slightly earlier than E2 and is overtaken.

The additional stops on the Spawn<>South Forest line should approximately make up 2:30 difference.

This is probably the most sophisticated timetable alignment...(lets see if this even works...)

ATM, E2 switches to E1 line at Spawn, simply because the relevant sections are not set up yet, and is not time-tabled.