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Plan of new railway corridor Outlet Store - Personhood

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avatar From: OP
Sat, 05 Jan 2019 20:37:01 -0000

I have a plan for a long track connecting: Outlet Store, South Forest,

Land's End, Onionland, Szymon's Dam, Leekston, Lusin Street and Personhood.

A map can be found at: https://imgur.com/a/Ssxzi7t

Blue lines are already existing tracks, yellow line means upgrade of

current track, red line means completely new track. Dotted lines are

proposed variants. Purple dotted lines are possible extension of existing

tracks. The worldmap on background is far out-of-date, so don't get

confused. Track is marked only approximately, the actual track will be made

to match the terrain conditions.

The corridor will begin at Outlet Store or at the station between Outlet

Store and Democratic City of LinuxWorks. It will go along the existing

Antares's tracks. to Port. Port station will be upgraded accordingly. After

that, it will run to Dry Island. If I'm not given the permission to use

Antares's tracks, the corridor will begin at Dry Island. From Dry Island,

the corridor will go to Land's End and there are two possible variants.

Either the existing station can be used or a new one can be built. After

that, it will go to an area on the East of Onionland. There can be a

station connecting the Outlet Store - Personhood corridor, TommyBeeBop's

track and subway line 2. After that, it will run to Szymon's Dam and then

to an area on the East of Leekston, which can be connected by line 5. Then

it will go to Lusin Street and then there are three variants.

Variant A: The tracks will lead separately from existing tracks and end in

Personhood West station.

Variant B: The track between Lusin Street and Personhood West station will

be upgraded to quadruple-rail track.

Variant C: A part of track between Lusin Street and The Cube will be

upgraded to quadruple-rail track. After that, the corridor will lead via

Neverbuild to Personhood.

The new corridor will be used by public shuttles and occasionally by

freight trains. No LuaATC will be used.

avatar From: Someone else
Thu, 10 Jan 2019 21:55:01 -0000

It seems to me that the area north of Lusin Street is effectively serviced

by the Personhood line, and not much exists (yet!) between Lusin street and

Lands End to warrant a new line. Also, I have heard from kantharos that

Lands End should be a suburb without excessive amounts of rail


I do like the idea of a line to Outlet Store from the vicinity of

Riverside/Onionland. If no other train will run to Outlet Store [likely S3

on orwells map], it may be nice to run from there to SF and end somewhere

around Swimming Rabbit St. as a local shuttle. This could tie well with the

construction of Bananame.

It seems that for now, SM1 is effective as an eastern line that bypasses

the center.

avatar From: Someone else
Thu, 10 Jan 2019 22:18:01 -0000

What I said about kantharos and Lands End is incorrect - I had that mixed

up with Booze Grove in my mind.

avatar Status Update
Sun, 31 Mar 2019 10:33:02 -0000
This bug was closed.