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[master] Rare, random skipping of node enter callbacks

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avatar From: OP
Sun, 16 Dec 2018 18:35:02 -0000

It seems like an old bug is back, but in a different form.

As back then, it occurs that, in some occasions, node enter callbacks

are not executed when they should, resulting in random failures of

trains on Linuxworks because they overrun a station without being braked

or (pretty often) do not free the Erd4W signal that is set right before

the Coulomb Street 1/4 turnout.

It looks like this particularily appears at higher speeds, because it's

in most cases the braking controllers that are overrun and not the

station controllers.

As we will try to update the Linuxworks server to TSS branch soon, we

will see if the bug persists in there. If so, further investigation is

required, if not, we can close this issue.

This issue hasn't appeared so far in singleplayer worlds. It could be

related to the (in master still not correctly working) train path

invalidation that seems to happen pretty often due to a turnout being

switched roughly every half a second(which has been made a lot more

efficient in tss)

avatar Status Update
Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:29:01 -0000
This bug was closed.