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Coupling on curve // short/long wagon coupling

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avatar From: OP
Sun, 12 Dec 2021 04:23:02 -0000

Was trying to shunt some DlxTrains hoppers with the blue Diesel

Locomotive from AdvTrains Freight Train and noticed that after bumping

into the hopper and stopping, I couldn't couple to the hoppers. I

reviewed the code in those train packs and noted that they did not

have coupler type definitions, which rules that problem out. Same

thing with construction train (subway reskin). Old German Diesel from

moretrains has no problems.

I noticed then that when approaching the hopper slowly, there is a

range where the couple entities show, which then disappear when the

locomotive gets too close. Bumping the hopper will get too close; a

gentle stop and you can still couple correctly.

Being on a curve seems to be the source of problems. The problem

occurred only when the hopper wagon and shunting locomotive were two

curve nodes apart (cr - st - cr). A single curve involved or a

straight track had no issue. The Old German Diesel having a longer

wagon span probably also affects the problem.

Minimal example world using Blue Diesel Locomotive and Hopper Wagon on

Devtest is provided below as .tar.xz. Must remove dyes and default

from the dependencies of DlxTrains. Then try it with the German Diesel

and notice there is no problem.