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Add Ks signal with Zs 3 speed indicator

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avatar From: OP
Mon, 24 May 2021 09:04:01 -0000

A Ks signal with a speed indicator should be added.

Also to be considered: digiline interface for Ks signals to set aspects independent of interlocking

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I would indeed prefer just fully implementing the Ks signal spec. Signs are signs, they should not be dynamic.

This means: Add another type of Ks main signal that includes a Zs 3 speed indicator. This kind of signal can then be employed where required. Everything else is already implemented, especially the signal aspect system already supports it.

For context, here's the official "Signalbuch" of the DB: https://www.bahnstatistik.de/Signale_pdf/SB-DBAG.pdf

- orwell

> > it would be great if we had a sign wich would change aspect depending

> > on a digiline message. "12" says 12 n/s, whilst "sarrow" sent will

> > mean that its the end of speed restriction.

> > - 56independent


> That would be nice, but Zs3 is only for showing speed limits. It should

> be safe to replace Lf7 with Zs3, since they show more or less the same

> thing, but other signal signs should IMO still be adjusted manually when

> needed, like their RL counterparts.


> Additionally, integrating Zs3(v) into Ks signals like in RL signals

> might also be possible, as we are on that topic anyway. However, that

> would require some changes to the way signals are handled, as (1) it

> might take up more space and (2) not every Ks signal mast needs both

> types of speed limit indicators. Distant signals still need to be

> implemented, though, except they might not necessarily make much sense

> in certain setups that currently exist.

> - ywang


> > this can be useful in junctions, where a "maximum speed" and

> > "reccomended speed" differ (i like to imagine that they are required,

> > it gets lonely in singleplayer worlds). then, if it is crowded, the

> > signal can display that trains can go at max speed, whilst a light day

> > means lower speeds.

> > - 56independent


> If that is the case then it's more likely that you need proper signals

> and not just speed restriction signs alone.

> - ywang


> > i can imagine changing the texture of the ks speed signal to fit the

> > digital output.

> > - 56independent


> I am not sure if we should recreate the font for Zs3(v) used in RL

> signals (I suppose not, looking at the existing textures), but if we

> didn't have to, then the 7-segment display function used for the train

> HUD could be helpful for that purpose.

> - ywang