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nil trains are not initialized -> advtrains keeps complaining

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avatar From: OP
Sat, 07 Dec 2019 10:55:01 -0000

I got this on the chat log some time ago:

[advtrains] -!- train_ensure_init: Called with id = 224782 but a nil


2019-12-07 11:36:48: ACTION[Main]: [advtrains] -!- stack traceback:

...server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/trainlogic.lua:239: in

function 'train_ensure_init'

...server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/trainlogic.lua:983: in

function 'train_check_couples'

...server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/trainlogic.lua:532: in

function 'train_step_c'

...server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/trainlogic.lua:97: in

function 'mainloop_trainlogic'

...etest-server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/init.lua:490: in



[C]: in function 'xpcall'

...etest-server/.minetest/mods/advtrains/advtrains/init.lua:56: in

function 'func'

...hare/games/minetest/builtin/profiler/instrumentation.lua:106: in



/usr/share/games/minetest/builtin/game/register.lua:420: in function


[advtrains] -!- Train 224782 is not initialized! Couldn't check couples!

avatar From: Developer
Fri, 13 Dec 2019 08:44:02 -0000


does this warning appear often, or only a single time? In theory, it

should go away after a server restart.

(it is caused by an inconsistency, where a train that doesn't exist

anymore is still registered in the occupation table.)

avatar From: OP
Fri, 13 Dec 2019 12:23:01 -0000

The message kept appearing until server crash.

avatar From: Developer
Tue, 17 Dec 2019 21:48:01 -0000

But it did not reappear after the server restarted?

avatar From: OP
Wed, 18 Dec 2019 06:22:02 -0000

No, it didn't.

avatar From: Someone else
Tue, 03 Mar 2020 23:27:01 -0000

While writing the train copy tool, I had to implement the check for train

length so that it wouldn't end up with the end of the train off the rails.

If the back of the train ended up off the rails and into the terrain, I

would get a very similar "Train xxxxxx is not initialized! Couldn't check

couples!" message. This was with the JR-E231 train in a 3-car set with 2

control cars and a pantogrpah car.

I could enter the front control car and drive the train at 1 m/s forward

(this restriction is imposed when the train is off track in

trainlogic.lua). Trying to set ATC to full speed (Sneak+W) wouldn't work in

this state. The rear two wagons would be completely dark, and trying to

de-couple them would give the "Train not initialized! Couldn't check

couples!" error. I'm fairly sure trying to destroy the wagons directly,

since it checks if the wagon is coupled, would give the same error.

After a long time holding W, the train could escape onto the tracks. After

the train escaped, the other 2 carriages would be lit and their couples

would work properly without giving the error message, so I could then

destroy the train properly.

Suggested way to reproduce: Check out the copytrain branch (or master if it

is merged by the time you read this). Comment out the code in the paste

function that checks if the train would end up off-track. Place a train so

that the back goes off the end of the rails.